TERKINI.NET is a Blog with updating informations and tutorials about Apps, Games, Gadget, Technology, Website, SEO, Design, Job requirement, etc.

  • Out Motto : “Pilihan Tepat, Buatmu Hebat” (Right Choice, Best for You)
  • Our Slogan : "Informasi dan Tutorial Terkini" (Tutorial and Information Update)
  • Born on 03 March 2020 08.00 PM in Indonesia.
  • Owner : M. Rizkan Nafarin
  • Email : terkininet.bisnis@gmail.com

We are committed to providing updated informations and tutorials. We also regularly post articles in English and Indonesian 2x (twice) a week.

We have sorted every post, so that it does not contain elements of politics, racial and legal violations.

Please help us by sharing our articles and leave your comments.

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